We all have our natural learning style and daily life pace – the sweet spot where things feel easy, effortless and we can manifests authentic results. The question is, how often do we spend time there? Would it be ideal if you could access your optimal zone frequently? Well you can…it’s wired in you, you…

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Your Sunny Disposition

Did you know that on a sunny day, you are more likely to say yes to a new idea, invitation or request, than on a cloudy day? No, you’re not a push over, but your glass is definitely half full and you’re probably wearing a smile. Likely you’ve noticed this in your own life, a…

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Whistle While You Work

There are many simple activities that do not require equipment or incur cost, yet have a powerful and profound effect on your Brain and Body. Whistling is a perfect example. While it’s fun to do and has many positive physical, mental and emotional benefits, whistling seems to be a fading art and running out of…

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Canaries and Crusaders

Can you easily read or sense energy in a person, place or environment? Are you able to detect when something doesn’t feel quite right – even if you can’t exactly pin point what it is…? Perhaps in your workplace setting, while others seem to be content to go along with the person in charge, information…

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I recently heard a quote that said, “Be the best at being you!” That says it all, doesn’t it? I love this line, because it’s the best bar to set for ourselves. It doesn’t include false media standards or what other people expect. Best of all, it usurps our own default or desire to compare…

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Years ago, hosting and producing a Wellness TV program for a local cable station, I would regularly bring guests into the studio for interviews about their service, products, and expertise. Sometimes I would take camera crew to event locations to gather footage and dialogue there. On one particular occasion we set off to the Metro…

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Now Is Later

Years ago I heard a line that has stuck with me…”If you want to know what your life will look like years from now, take a look at it today. How true is that? Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that take us by surprise or throw us for a loop, but for the most part,…

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Giving It Your All

Recently I read an article about a woman who was called into her boss’s office for her workplace review. Although she was doing a fine job, it was apparent to her supervisors that she was not giving her best effort and could do better. Later she commented to a colleague that she’d happily make more…

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The You Effect

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of “The Butterfly Effect” and the idea that something as simple as the flap of a butterfly wing in one part of the world can have a significant impact (like a hurricane) in another part of the world.

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