Years ago, hosting and producing a Wellness TV program for a local cable station, I would regularly bring guests into the studio for interviews about their service, products, and expertise. Sometimes I would take camera crew to event locations to gather footage and dialogue there. On one particular occasion we set off to the Metro…

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Now Is Later

Years ago I heard a line that has stuck with me…”If you want to know what your life will look like years from now, take a look at it today. How true is that? Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that take us by surprise or throw us for a loop, but for the most part,…

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Giving It Your All

Recently I read an article about a woman who was called into her boss’s office for her workplace review. Although she was doing a fine job, it was apparent to her supervisors that she was not giving her best effort and could do better. Later she commented to a colleague that she’d happily make more…

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The You Effect

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of “The Butterfly Effect” and the idea that something as simple as the flap of a butterfly wing in one part of the world can have a significant impact (like a hurricane) in another part of the world.

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