Maximize your Brain Power
at Work, in the Classroom
and in Daily Life with

Brain Gym®!

· Communicate more confidently
· Think more clearly & effectively
· Feel more energized & eager to participate
· Improve your focus, memory & concentration
· Make timely & appropriate choices
· Reduce stress & anxiety

· Elevate your attitude, behaviour & wellbeing
· Build your current & long term mental health
· Improve grades, reading, writing, math & test taking
· Have tools for self-management & self care
· Be more creative & solution oriented
· Be the best version of you

What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is a tool that clears physical, mental, and emotional stress and positively shifts attitudes and behaviours.

It consists of a set of movements, learning processes, training programs, and resource materials that support learning, living and leadership, in all aspects of life.

The activities are simple, fun and highly effective. They recall the movements naturally done during the first years of life when an infant is learning to coordinate eyes, ears, hands, & whole body.

When we repeat and practise these specific movement patterns as older children, adults and seniors, new connections are formed, developmental gaps are addressed and profound improvements in learning, processing, decision making, problem solving and self management are experienced.


  • Promotes maximum brain integration.
  • Effectively reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  • Activates and stimulates the formation of efficient and effective neural connections in your brain and body for improved functioning and performance.
  • Valuable personal and professional developmental tool that enables you to take action to rectify a situation or challenge and create positive changes and choices in your life.
  • Plays a vital role in positive education, as well as promoting positive mental health and wellness.
  • Can help you to ‘reset’ your thinking and your mood within seconds, anywhere, anytime.
  • Shift from a limited, stress-based state to a balanced and connected state to access learning readiness and peak performance zones.
  • Feel more equipped to easily navigate growth and change.






"Our learning and living experiences as children, both at home and at school, establish the foundation on which we build our adult lives. This determines our ability to lead with a sense of purpose, through open minds and hearts, in our families and our global community." - Jill Hewlett

Living in a state of connection and balance is our birthright. Young children are frequently in a playful process of cognitive development; unless through stress and unhealthy expectations we teach them otherwise.

Developmental milestones begin in the womb. When given the space and encouragement, healthy growth continues throughout infancy and the brain creates, expands and strengthens its neurological networks.

When someone is struggling with learning, it is not because they aren’t smart enough. It’s likely because the current method of instruction is not accommodating their individual learning style and there body-mind integration is in need of support.

This is a lack awareness and education on how to provide constructive support to meet the needs of that particular person so they can excel and achieve healthy milestones and goals.
Gaps in the early development process, or cognitive decline from aging, impacts our life more than we realize. In areas such as physical, emotional and mental balance, focus, organization, sensory integration, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, our ability to receive and express love, form connections, set goals and achieve them.

When in stress, our muscles become tense and the brain body connection (the brain working in conjunction with the central nervous and sensory systems) downshifts into reactionary brain stem mode, where we can only access our flight, fight or freeze patterns. This inhibits our ability to access our Executive Brain Functions.

Executive functions is an umbrella term for cognitive processes such as planning, working memory, attention, problem solving, verbal reasoning, inhibition, mental flexibility, task switching, and the initiation and monitoring of action.

Brain Gym® meets these needs, fills the gap, and connects to our higher brain at every age.

Brain Gym® History

Dr. Paul Dennison is recognized for his pioneering work in the field of applied brain research and is a world authority on cognitive skills, learning disabilities, and reading achievement. He and his wife Gail co-founded the field of Educational Kinesiology and the not-for-profit organization Brain Gym® International.

Dr. Dennison discovered and proved that, “When the physical skills of learning have been mastered, the mental part can take care of itself.”

Since 1981, when Dr. Paul Dennison taught his first workshop, his work has continued to expand & grow worldwide.


"From the perspective of a former trainer, Jill’s group facilitation skills are outstanding. The amount of energy that she brings to the training and her ability to maintain that energy is motivating for the participants. Her sensitivity and willingness to openly share valuable pieces of her own wellness journey, created a welcoming and safe environment that allowed for open discussions. Each participant was supported, and as a group we moved through the training together tapping into each other’s insight.

Having spent many years in Human Services/Social Services Management and Direct Client Service, I understand how Brain Gym® can be applied at any age, individual or groups, whether it be personal or professional growth. It is apparent that Jill loves her work and is passionate about making a difference. Thank you for a great learning experience!"

- Nancy Lord, Toronto

“I hired Jill to present at our Teachers conference; the focus was to give the teachers practical self care tools that they could initiate for their personal use for health and wellness and to use within their classrooms.

I first experienced Jill as a speaker/trainer, with a past employer. The organization trained staff in multiple locations and use Brain Gym® as part of their curriculum, all field staff and directors received the training.

Jill is so versatile. She's a great speaker & educator. She's able to read & connect with her audience & adjust accordingly- meeting them where they are at.
I am definitely a fan!"

- Tina Shabot, Director, Bright Horizons Early Education and Preschool

“Jill spent the entire day at SMLS delivering a dynamic keynote to the students, workshop for the parents and training for the faculty.

Subsequently, we have followed up with our Middle Level girls to imbed Brain Gym® exercises into their daily routine. They report feeling empowered and better able to cope with their days, both in and out of school.

With our focus on well being, and a healthy body and mind, Brain Gym® provides our students with easy to use tools that further our quest. Recently I had a grade 11 girl feeling very anxious… we did the 5 Brain Gym® exercises and immediately all was much better!”

- Dorothy Byers, Head of School, St.Mildred’s Lightbourn School

“Jill Hewlett is a dynamic and interactive trainer who worked with our organization on team building, communication, creativity and stress management.

The Brain Gym exercises were excellent, practical and easy to use in working on the goals of our group. We have been using them daily at work since our session. We even incorporated a message about Brain Gym in our staff newsletter!

The training allows for the recognition of stress, and how to take a few moments to regroup and reduce the stress. It impacts interactions at work and allows for better coping with stressful situations. For those interested in this training – go for it! The training is informative, practical and applicable in so many situations.”

- Jenny Galati, Marketing and Event Coordinator, York University Foundation

“One of our professors recommended Jill Hewlett and her knowledge of Brain Fitness and Brain Gym® as a presenter for our end of the year conference, to provide a workshop for our internationally trained post-secondary teachers. We wanted to celebrate the end of their program with something new they could learn that would inspire and challenge them.

Because of the nature of the program they completed, the teachers are exposed to many new ways of thinking. We wanted to leave them with something universal that would add value, personally and professionally as they moved forward – something with a self-care component that builds the understanding of how leveraging the body-mind connection can provide greater value to their future.

We made the right choice. Jill is a great speaker and knows her material well. She is dynamic, engaging, warm and friendly. The audience was entranced by her.
I thought she was wonderful!

The idea of building a Fit and Healthy Brain resonated with me, the students and the staff. For some people, it was the first time they understood the importance of the body mind connection, not only for self-care but for learning too, which is key. The workshop was very experiential. Anyone can do these activities, in just minutes. They are easily accessible, to improve many areas of one’s life.

I was reminded of how powerful it is to make these types of connections that pertain to the body, brain and learning.”

- Alex Irwin, Director, School of Immigrant and Transitional Education, George Brown College

It's That Simple


Years ago, I fell in love with a personal growth modality that has been the cornerstone of my personal and professional development ever since.

The Brain Gym® program is founded and created by a mentor and dear friend, Dr. Paul Dennison and his wife Gail. Brain Gym is a highly effective, easy to use and accessible system for people of all ages and skill levels that support learning and development, stress resilience and goal achievement.

Although it’s based on modern day neuroscience and developmental research, it’s simple and easy to use as it echoes our own natural intelligence if we were to live in better harmony with our body, nature and self-care.



Years ago, I fell in love with a personal growth modality that has been the cornerstone of my personal and professional development since.

The Brain Gym® program is founded and created by a mentor and dear friend of mine, Dr. Paul Dennison and his wife Gail.

Brain Gym is a highly effective, easy to use and accessible system for people of all ages and skill levels that support learning and development, stress resilience and goal achievement.
Although it’s based on modern day neuroscience and developmental research, it’s simple and easy to use as it echoes our own natural intelligence if we were to live in better harmony with our body, others, our environment and self-care.

Using Brain Gym® tools and methods you can easily and effectively make life changes and improvements, in any area – personally and professionally.

No wonder it has grown on an international level, benefiting individuals of varying cultures, religions, needs and goals across the globe.

Immediately after my first Brain Gym® session I was hooked. I couldn’t believe a modality existed that spoke to our physical, emotional and mental intelligence in such clear and effective terms. The program put into form what I innately knew and understood, but up to that point had never heard of or been taught.

Discovering Brain Gym® was like coming home, in a whole new way – into balance, integration, and connection.

Just as this work flows naturally and effortlessly, so did my journey to becoming a Brain Gym® consultant and eventually creating my own Brain Fitness Keynote and training programs that I offer in house at corporations, in education settings and at conferences.

The wisdom and components of the Brain Gym® curriculum make it possible and for all participants to reconnect with their body in a healthy, whole and balanced way so that their heart intelligence and brain acuity can flourish.


You can 'Turn On' your Dynamic Brain!

With increased demands at home and at work, learn how to turn on your brain and maximize your output and creativity, while enjoying balance in your life.

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