Brain Fitness Expert & Wellness Authority

Jill Hewlett is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, wellness TV personality and author. Her impactful keynotes have engaged professionals ranging from Educators and Clinicians to Sales Leaders and Entrepreneurs. She inspires and educates audiences ranging from 10's to 1,000's at Conferences, Special Events and Corporate Training.

Licensed in the field of Educational Kinesiology and a Brain Gym® consultant for over two decades, Jill has the skillful capacity to draw out the natural leadership in individuals and organizations to support them in reducing stress and achieving greater levels of efficiency, resiliency, productivity and success.


Jill's work is based on a joy and passion for assisting others in connecting with their potential, implementing brain-building and wellness strategies, and making healthy and empowered choices and changes so they can create a Fit Brain and a Fit Life!

As a highly sensitive individual who experienced body image issues, weight challenges, and anxiety growing up, she gradually learned to not only overcome but be empowered by these issues. As a young adult, she made the commitment to live a life that embraced learning, growth, balance and becoming the best she could be.

Completing her University degree, Jill delved fully into personal growth, and training programs in the health and wellness field. This led to her discovering her authentic passion of travelling, speaking and working with clients in the corporate, education and community sectors

Jill teaches with empathy and understanding; knowing that the areas where we carry our fear, hurts, disappointment and confusion, are the same place where we can discover healing, empowerment and our ability to bring new found clarity, strength and leadership into the world.

Jill's ongoing interest and dedication to cultivating a healthy, balanced and meaningful life has led to the presentations, tools and resources she shares globally with others through keynote addresses, training programs, mentorship, and writing.

Impactful and refreshingly unique, Jill's approach provides her participants with practical tools that can be implemented immediately and easily in real life situations at work, at home, or at play.

Using simple, fun and effective wellness and Brain Fitness techniques, Jill assists others in tapping into and achieving their physical, mental, emotional and functional potential.
Jill served on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Downtown Montessori Group and Daycare Connections; and for a decade, was an active volunteer at one of Toronto District School Board's first Holistic Schools.

Jill has a passion and commitment to making positive and authentic life changes and improvements. Her books, “Common Sense, Uncommonly Practised" and "Uncommon Sense...Put into Practice", echo stories from her own dedicated journey toward personal wellness where she initially questions, struggles with and then uncovers new, healthy, inspired and life enriching perspectives.

For a decade Jill enjoyed hosting and producing a highly respected Wellness TV show and segments. It featured local and international experts on topics in the field of wellness, leadership and personal development. It began as a grass-roots project in her local community and then expanded across several communities, to encompass a viewership of over one million people.

Delivered in her engaging Keynotes, hands on Training Sessions and inspired Written Word, the essence of Jill’s message is consistent:


By sharing inspiring insights, user-friendly neuroscience and research-based wellness tools, participants and audiences are inspired and feel an immediate difference and empowered to achieve greater results, immediately in their daily lives to grow cognitive pathways, strengthen physical health, cultivate emotional balance and build brain power.

Feeling a calling for community spirit and wellness education for women; eleven years ago Jill began a Women’s Wellness Circle in York Region.

Knowing firsthand, through her own personal growth journey, the healing and uplifting power that is created when groups of people come together, Jill wanted to make this opportunity available to others. Initially Jill was the presenter each month, and eventually through her TV show and community network it made sense to draw in a scope of topics and presenters.

Women’s Wellness Circles have blossomed into multiple monthly locations that Jill mentors in the greater Toronto area and beyond. Each month, hundreds of women gather to learn, connect and be inspired.

A big part of Jill’s life path has been to recognize and own her creativity because in school, Art was consistently her lowest mark.

Thanks to her personal development journey, which led to the knowledge and tools she shares in her professional life, HeartArt was unexpectedly birthed. Jill has come to realize that she is a highly creative individual and in fact, we all are, because life is a courageous act of creating, choosing and becoming in each and every moment.


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