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The New Smart

Years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to salsa dance. And I wanted to become proficient enough that I could enter any salsa venue and feel confident participating. After taking several classes and practising, I achieved an intermediate level of ability.  This was satisfying and fun! Thanks to elements such as the unique…

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Just as I was approaching the New Year I felt a combination of feelings that ranged from excitement to overwhelm! This past year has been full of many developments; including an expanded professional network, new collaboration partners and a clearer vision for the work I do.  This in turn has brought about a sense of…

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Do you feel at all uncomfortable when people complain around you? If so, there’s good reason. Listening to too much complaining is actually bad for your brain. It affects your mood, can kill off brain cells and makes you less effective. Turns out, neuroscientists can measure brain activity when faced with various stimuli, including a…

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The other day I was looking online for a visual image that would capture the idea of ‘sharing’ – meaning something being divided between two people. Interestingly however, the majority of the images that came up were with people looking at their electronic devices.  What?! At first I didn’t understand why, until it dawned on…

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Yes, it’s official; there is a teenager in the house! Recently my daughter had her 13th Birthday and that means two things; neither of which I’m readily willing to admit: I’ll soon be sharing my car I’m getting older All kidding aside, I am very proud of my daughter’s growth and the person she is…

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Is your life on auto pilot? Do you ever feel like you are living the same day over and over?  If so, there’s a good reason for it. Research shows that most people have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day and, guess what?  The majority of them are reruns from the day before! If your…

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Is your life on ‘cruise control’ or in ‘creative flow’? Years ago, a dear friend and I were discussing life choices and I distinctly remember her saying, ‘The enemy of the great is the good.’  In other words, by hanging on to what is good in our lives, we inevitably forgo something better.  This comment…

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Grads of Life

Many of us grow up with the expectation of our parents; to get a ‘good education’.  Beyond our general health and well-being, it’s probably their most weighted desire. We spend the majority of our childhood time in the educational system, unless we are homeschooled or in another alternative scenario. We all have our own idea…

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Recently at my daughter’s Sunday morning baseball a parent anxiously asked when the game was going to start. The coach replied saying that the girls practise a series of drills first. The woman proceeded to say that she drives several of the girls and they intentionally arrive late because they prefer to play the game…

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These 4 simple but powerful words have been dancing in my head the past couple of weeks.  Be more, need less…  Is this not the core intention and requirement of all human beings? Biologically, We Like to Keep It Simple On a microcosmic level, individuals are happiest and healthiest physically, mentally and emotionally when they…

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