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This time last year, my daughter had received the exciting news. She would be starring as Princess Fiona in the annual school play; SHREK. Initially she was disappointed because funnily enough, she had wanted to be ‘Donkey.’ She had been studying his character and enjoyed his outlandish sense of humour. Once she became familiar with…

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The New Smart

Years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to salsa dance. And I wanted to become proficient enough that I could enter any salsa venue and feel confident participating. After taking several classes and practising, I achieved an intermediate level of ability.  This was satisfying and fun! Thanks to elements such as the unique…

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Just as I was approaching the New Year I felt a combination of feelings that ranged from excitement to overwhelm! This past year has been full of many developments; including an expanded professional network, new collaboration partners and a clearer vision for the work I do.  This in turn has brought about a sense of…

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Do you feel at all uncomfortable when people complain around you? If so, there’s good reason. Listening to too much complaining is actually bad for your brain. It affects your mood, can kill off brain cells and makes you less effective. Turns out, neuroscientists can measure brain activity when faced with various stimuli, including a…

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The other day I was looking online for a visual image that would capture the idea of ‘sharing’ – meaning something being divided between two people. Interestingly however, the majority of the images that came up were with people looking at their electronic devices.  What?! At first I didn’t understand why, until it dawned on…

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Life Line Part - Misfits & Rebels Brain Fitness

Misfits & Rebels

Spring will soon be at our doorstep. This is a time of year when many people are considering new ‘seeds’ they would like to plant in their lives. How about you? Are you feeling drawn to making changes or weeding out aspects that don’t serve you?  If so, I have some good news! Your brain…

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