Sometimes we find ourselves in a stage of life that feels like it will last forever. Then, almost by surprise…’POOF’ it completes!  Recently I’ve discovered myself in that place.

Many of you have been receiving my monthly newsletter for a while now, and for some, well over a decade.  I would like to extend a BIG thank you for being part of my insights, offerings and instrumental in encouraging my growth – including the promptings to write a book. I can’t believe my second one was launched this summer!

You’ll notice that my newsletter has followed a similar style that began just after my daughter was born. I can’t believe she is turning 12yrs this month.  My baby is babysitting age…! As she is moving into a new stage of growth, I notice that I am too.

My work hours and focus have been reflective of being at home as much as possible with my daughter, and at the same time doing my best to maintain and grow my services and offerings.
It’s been a balancing act – one that has kept me in the moment and on my toes!  I’ve learned to get a lot done in short spurts of time and graciously appreciate any extra (albeit rare) moments of free time.

In work, my emphasis has been on project development and creating a solid foundation. This includes the structures and systems of my Brain Fitness services and programs, expansion of the Women’s Wellness Circles into mentorship training and multiple locations across southern Ontario, writing my first 2 books and creating HeartArt designs.

While my training and wellness experience in these above areas began well before I conceived my daughter, once she arrived she became the grounding force in giving feet and wings to my dreams!  I’m really grateful to her and proud of all this growth.

Thank YOU for being part of it too.

As I proceed in expanding these offerings, I am excited to put energy and focus into building more community connection, support and having more direct communication and exchanges with all those interested in a Fit Body, Fit Brain & Fit Life!

To facilitate this connection I’m setting up a location in Toronto where in-person workshops will occur more regularly, as well as a Brain Fitness community Facebook page to connect virtually.

Along with my monthly newsletter blog and upcoming events, I plan on sending out a mid month email resource that contains an educational and inspirational video.

Soon to follow will be online courses, for those who prefer to learn from home or are too far to attend the in-person events.

Do I know exactly what all this will look like?  Nope!  But I trust the process and I’m open to your feedback along the way. As always, I will continue to share insights and practical tips so you can strategically cultivate success along your personal and professional paths.

On that note, I’d like to share a simple story that had reminded me how important it is to ‘own up’ when we don’t know something or have done something wrong. It can powerfully and positively shift attitudes and energy.

The other day I was walking across a parking lot to return a shopping cart. A car had pulled into the area near me, so I stopped. The car then slowed down, as if to let me by, but as I started walking again the driver moved forward as well.

Just like most people in scenarios where they are concerned about danger or in this case, getting run over, my brain stem (flight, fight, and freeze) mode kicked in. The look on my face was perplexed and annoyed. The driver quickly realized what was going on, put on her brakes again, and then signaled an apology toward me. I nodded back and proceeded to return the cart.

As I turned to go back to my car, the driver pulled up beside me, rolled down her window and went out of her way to say with a smile, “I apologise again, and clearly I have no idea what I’m doing!”

That honest and candid communication touched me. Any residual annoyance cleared right up as I felt a release of tension, a sense of joy well up inside me and a smile spread across my face – all before I could even understand why.

I continued to reflect on that simple but profound incident as I walked to my car. It was so nice to have such a genuine apology and then have it furthered with the comical admittance of her not knowing what she was doing.

Energetically many of us carry around residual energy from experiences that weren’t meant to be personal, but somehow attached to us in that way.

As you proceed into this new season ahead, I recommend taking time to reflect on any residual energy that feels tight or heavy in your body. Take a moment to honour it, forgive it and release it. You may not know how or why it got there, but the act of witnessing and setting it free will definitely lighten your load and put a smile on your face.

While it would be nice to wait for others to offer us this sweet healing salve, it may only be possible in certain instances to provide it for ourselves.

So why wait? Go ahead, release what is holding you back and reap the many benefits as you move forward with greater ease.