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Common Sense... Uncommonly Practised

- A Heartfelt Book About Achieving Personal Wellness

is a celebration of the marvelous journey we’re all taking in search of wellness in all three of life’s most essential realms: mind, body and heart. Here, find a wealth of real-life lessons picked up along the author’s way, time-tested and delivered in bite-sized doses of eminently useful enlightenment. Read Jill’s words and enjoy the refreshing perspective of a woman whose pleasure at having discovered a means for a more meaningful life is palpable. Better still, she shares her findings with others through this highly readable, extremely practical collection of reflections on how others might identify and apply the same wisdom to their own lives.


Jill’s profound wisdom is timeless and universal. It is a beautiful blend of humour and heartfelt inspiration. Jill's clarity and sense of awareness bring peace to one’s soul. There is a moment of enlightenment awaiting everyone who reads Common Sense... Uncommonly Practised.
Sandra Livingstone, Kundalini yoga teacher
Jill’s writings will challenge your views on everyday situations, help you see things in a positive way and leave you wanting to read more!
Pat Ashby, high school teacher, Aurora Ont.
In reading and listening to Jill Hewlett’s observations on the spiritual life and connecting to ourselves as well as others, one undeniable fact resonates repeatedly: the woman knows whereof she speaks. Her engaging and always accessible manner of revealing our truest selves to us is nothing short of an inspiring gift. Do yourself and your life a huge favour: Be inspired by Common Sense... Uncommonly Practised.
— Rick Leather, White Rock, BC


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Common Sense... Uncommonly Practised

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